Say goodbye to overdue fines!

Goodbye Overdue Fines (1920 x 1080 px)

We’re closing the book on fines.

Moonee Valley Libraries is thrilled to announce we will no longer be charging overdue fines for the late return of items. Many public libraries are successfully fine-free, and we are proud to join them.

We know overdue fines sometimes get between you and our libraries, and so we are removing this barrier. Old fines no longer apply.

If you have overdue items stashed at home, now is the time to return yourself and those items to the library. We want you to come back and borrow all the books and DVDs and magazines that your heart desires, without worrying about fines.

From now on, if you have an overdue item we will send you a friendly reminder. We will still charge replacement costs if you lose or damage a library item. Return yourself to the library and enjoy being part of our fine-free service.


When does the library become fine-free?
From Monday 1 July 2024.

I have overdue books at home. Will I be fined when I return them?
No, absolutely not.

What if I have lost a library book or it has been damaged?
We understand this can happen. We will ask you to cover the cost of replacing the item. Please do not bring your own replacement copy as we are unable to accept it.

What’s the incentive to return my books on time if there are no overdue fines?
We are confident you will return your books on time so you can continue to enjoy all the library has to offer.

How will this impact reservations?
We don’t expect it will. We know from other fine-free library services that return rates are not impacted by the absence of fines.