Inter-library loans

If there are items you are interested in borrowing that are not available from Moonee Valley Libraries or through our ‘Shared Collections’, we can try and borrow them from other library services through inter-library loan. Inter-library loans are usually available for a borrowing period of 4 weeks, unless the loaning library have specified a different loan period. These requests can take up to 8 weeks to source. Newer items (those published in the last 2 years) can be requested to be purchased for the Moonee Valley Libraries collections.

Frequently asked questions

What are ‘Shared Collections?’

We have reciprocal borrowing privileges with some other library services. Books from these library services can be searched using our catalogue and can be found by clicking on the ‘Shared Collections’ tab. In the library app, you can limit the search to ‘All items’ to find books that Moonee Valley owns as well as those from other libraries’ ‘Shared Collections.’

How do I request materials from another library?

To request an item outside our shared collection for inter-library loan, visit this page and scroll down to the 'Recommend an Item' button to log in and place a request. In the notes field, you may like to mention if you have seen it available at a different library service.

What can’t I borrow from other libraries?

You cannot borrow new books, board books, picture books, very large books, music CDs and magazines. All items in languages other than English (with the exception of magazines) are exempt from this rule. If you would like any of the items that we cannot borrow through inter-library loan, you can still put in a request and we will attempt to purchase the item for our collection.

Are inter-library loans free?

While we will be able to source many materials from other library services at no charge, borrowing from some libraries will incur a fee. Please note:  Moonee Valley Libraries will not proceed with an inter-library loan that will incur a fee without your approval.

Please see our Fees and Charges page for more information.

Can I borrow new releases?

Brand new titles may not be able to be borrowed through inter-library loan. If the title is new (i.e. published in the last two years),  you may still make a recommendation and we will usually attempt to purchase the title for our collection.

Can I renew my inter-library loan?

Inter-library loans will not be automatically renewed. Renewals may be requested from It is recommended that renewal requests are made in advance, as the decision to renew will be made by the lending library.

Who do I contact about my current inter-library loan requests?

If you have any questions about your request, you can speak to staff at your local branch. They will be able to look at the status of your inter-library loan and inform you of the progress. Request updates are emailed to the requester and can also be found in your online account in the ‘Requests’ tab.

You can also email

  • for questions about your loan
  • to cancel your loan
  • if you need to renew your loan
  • if you would like to request bulk loans for materials in languages other than English
Inter-library Loan Courier